European Biotechnology
Thematic Network Association

Maripia Viola Magni

Former President

General Pathology professor from 1975 at Perugia University and Director of the Institute. She has published 240 paper most in the International Journal: Scientific fields of interest are: cell proliferationin vivo and in vitro; non-premitotic DNA synthesis; tumor cell proliferation and oncogene expression; gene expression in hepatocytes during neonatal maturation and liver regeneration; the presence of a phospholipidic fraction in hepatocyte chromatin and its metabolism. 

She was also Rector delegate for international affairs for the University and participates to many projects, In particular, she created the School for Technician, the Doctorate in cell and Molecular Pathology, the Consortium of University and Enterprises, TUCEP. From 1976 a network in Biotechnology was created with the support of Europe and two international courses “Job Creation Oriented Biotechnology” and “Biotechnology Medical Application” were created.

She was President of European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association (EBTNA) and actually is President of ONLUS research Foundation “Enrico Puccinelli”

Fabrizio Bruschi

Former President

Fabrizio Bruschi was born in Pisa in 1954. He graduated in 1979 in Medicine, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy, score: 110/110 cum laude; Haematology Specialization, University of Pisa, Italy, score: 70/70 cum laude. He obtained the Certificat d'Etudes Superieures in Immunologie et Pathologie Parasitaires at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France. Researcher since 1984, confirmed since 1987, then Associate Professor in General Pathology, Medical Faculty, University of Perugia, Italy (1992-1997), then University of Pisa, Italy until 2002 when he has obtained the position of Professor of Parasitology in the Faculty of Medicine of the same University. 

Since then he is also in charge of the Parasitology Sector of University Microbiology Laboratory of the University Hospital in Pisa. The interests of Prof. F. Bruschi are represented mainly by host-parasite relations in helminth infections such as trichinellosis of which different aspects, both experimental and clinical have been studied. Prof. Bruschi has been the coordinator of different research projects both at local and at national (MURST and Ministry of Health) levels on trichinellosis. 

He was appointed as 1st Vice-President of the European Federation of Parasitologists since 2000 up to 2008 and in virtue of this position he has participated to the Scientific Consultation Group of ECDC in Stockholm.

He participated to the Committee of the International Commission on trichinellosis for the compilation of the guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of human trichinellosis, as well as in that for the preparation of the guidelines for the animal and human serology. Recently, he was involved in the preparation of the W.H.O.-F.A.O.-O.I.E. guidelines for human trichinellosis. At present, he is Vice-President of the Società Italiana di Parassitologia and member of the Executive Committee of the International Commission on trichinellosis. Since 2010 he is a member of ESCMID and he participates to the study group of Clinical Parasitology. 

He is author or co-author of over 130 publications among which chapters in books from international publishers and Editor of books or journal supplements. 

He is Associate/Receiving Editor for Medical Parasitology of the journal Parassitologia and he is in the editorial board of the new Journal of Infectious Diseases and Immunity and of the advisory board for Clinical Parasitology of the journal Turkiye Klinikleri Journal of Medical Sciences.