European Biotechnology
Thematic Network Association

The European Biotechnology Association (European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association- EBTNA) is an organization founded in 1996 and since presents both academic and industrial projects that help to establish connections between the biotech industry and science. The European Biotechnology thematic network EBTNA was created in 2007 by Mariapia Viola-Magni with a formal statute signed by the notary in Perugia.

Biotechnology is wide term which includes fields such as Animal Biotechnology, Medical Genetics, Biocatalysis/Biotransformation, Medicine & Biotechnology, Bioinformatics/System Biology, Metabolic Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Nanotechnology, Biosensors, Omics Sciences, Biotechnology & Ethics, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Renewable, Biorefinery, Bioenergy, Biofuels, Bioproducts, Enzyme and Protein Engineering, Stem Cells, Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Food & Feed Biotechnology. EBTNA members are involved in the research and development of innovative healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology products.

The ODL modules are a resource of the Association with the first being generated in the framework of the BIOTECHNET project. 46 modules are available on the e-learning platform in the field of biotechnology covering an entire first level degree course. In the future, EBTNA intends to support and implement technically both the hardware and software infrastructures and to disseminate the available modules. The main aims of Biotech Network project were to co-ordinate a common effort not only at the level of European Universities but also at the level of enterprises and to create a forum between European partners of different sectors and enterprises. The objectives were to establish the industrial needs, to define course programme objectives, the course contents, the various professional profiles, to establish common criteria of evaluation, to favour the applicative use, the research and didactic integration and to promote continuous formation. During this first project the Network was organised in six working groups, with different aims, each one co-ordinated by one colleague and each with its own activities to be completed. The WGs were: Workgroup 1 Educational and Institutional Needs, Workgroup 2 Core and Modular Curricula, Workgroup 3 Eurodoctorate and Euromaster Degrees, Workgroup 4 Quality Assessment, Workgroup 5 Advanced Short Courses, Workgroup 6 Code of Conduct.

The objectives of “BIOTECHNOLOGY DISSEMINATION - Results, Dissemination by means Web site of European Biotechnology Network” were the diffusion of the products inside and outside of the network by implementing and using the WEB site interactive, quality evaluation, internal and external, and revision of the existing results, newsletters production and diffusion, enlargement of the network and the analysis of academic formation in Biotechnology in the East Countries, the creation of co-operation with other TNPs as means of diffusion and of complementary activities through dedicated WEB sites. A spin-off of the project was an International first level Degree: Job Creation Oriented Biotechnology".

EBTNA and its aims especially within the framework of education and ethics in biotechnology. The aims of the Association are to:

a. Implement, consult or supervise programs for the assessment of skills and knowledge in sciences with an emphasis on biotechnology

b. Undertake programs concerning education and training, especially those concerning innovative approaches

c. Operate as a consultant or assessor in programs concerning education and training

d. Provide certification of achievement when assessments have been carried out under appropriate conditions

e. Co-operate with established professional or other associations in the furtherance of its objectives

f. Extend the reach of all aspects of education in biotechnology beyond national and European borders.

That is why this innovative discipline is so important to humankind.Global tasks such as the announcement of the developments in the field of biotechnology, public education, and connection of scientists of different fields is undertaken by EBTNA. By using coordinating system EBTNA realizes activities in 47 countries worldwide.