European Biotechnology
Thematic Network Association

Biotechnology is an innovative discipline which interests many different sectors like biology, agriculture, veterinary, medicine, bioengineering and has a relevance for many industrial activities. Many industries were created in USA and in Japan, less in Europe. This difference is probably due to the absence of co-ordination between different universities and enterprises with consequent loss of deeping and energy loss.

The objectives of the Association, which is a non-profit making Association, are:

  • to implement, consult or supervise programmes for the assessment of skills and knowledge in sciences with an emphasis on biotechnology;
  • to undertake programmes concerning education, training and research, especially those concerning innovative approaches;
  • to operate as a consultant or assessor in programmes concerning education and training;
  • to provide certification of achievement when assessments have been carried out under appropriate conditions;
  • to co-operate with established professional or other associations in the furtherance of its objectives;
  • to extend the reach of all aspects of education in biotechnology beyond national border.

The direct target groups are the students, postgraduates, post-doctors and other personnel of Institutions, research centres and Enterprise employers. Indirect target groups are the Institutions, the Industries, the Trade Unions and Education and Labour Ministries.