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Dancho Danalev


Prof. Dr. Dancho Danalev has graduated at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy (UCTM), Sofia, Bulgaria, in the faculty of “Organic chemical technologies”, specialization “Technology of organic synthesis”. Dr. Danalev is a Chemical engineer and a M.Sc. in Chemistry (1999). He is a PhD in Organic Chemistry (2003, UCTM, Sofia, Bulgaria), worked on the synthesis and structure-activity relationship of biological active peptides. Since 2002 Dr. Danalev is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Organic Chemistry at UCTM. In 2006-2007 he spent 10 months postdoctoral research position at the laboratory guided by Prof. Vincent Ferrières, Ecole National Superior de Chimie de Rennes, France. During this period Dr. Danalev develops synthesis of glycofuranosides. Two years later in 2009, during 6 months period, Dr. Dancho Danalev is invited lecturer in the University of Cergy-Pontoise, France, ECIME laboratory, where he works with Prof. Pascal Griesmar and Prof. Stephane Serfaty on the design of new hybrid organic-inorganic materials comprising biomolecules. In 2009, as a part of the project with the National Scientific Fund of Bulgaria Dr. Danalev starts his second post-doctoral specialization in laboratory SOSCO, University of Cergy-Pontoise under supervising of Prof. Jacques Augé and Prof. Nadège Lubin-Germain. During 10 months period of this post-doc position he worked on the synthesis of glycopeptides with antiviral and antiparasitic properties. Since 2012 Dr. Danalev is an Associated Professor in the Biotechnology Department of UCTM. His teaching concerns with the organic chemistry and biochemistry, bioanalytical technics for analysis and separation of biomolecules (HPLC, GC, MS, and electrophoresis) as well as pharmaceutical biotechnology and molecular design of biological active compounds. Dr. Dancho Danalev is headed 8 PhD students and more than 90 diploma thesis for bachelor and master degree. As researcher, Dr. Danalevs’ work is related to the synthesis and studies of structure-activity relationships of biomolecules especially peptides and hybrid molecules comprising peptide moiety, as inhibitors of enzymatic systems related to different diseases. He has more than 80 research articles. Currently Dr. Danalev is a full professor in the Biotechnology Department of University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia.

Daumantas Matulis


In his current position as Head of the Department of Biothermodynamics and Drug Design at the Institute of Biotechnology, Vilnius University, Matulis oversees about 40 researchers and students. The goal in assembling this team was to bring together scientists from a variety of fields: organic synthesis, target protein recombinant production in bacterial and human cells, computational molecular modeling to benefit synthesis efforts, protein-ligand binding biophysics, x-ray crystallography, pharmacy, and immunology. As Matulis had experienced in his previous positions, this variety of viewpoints and foci has led to stimulating science. He explains, “I believe that most new and exciting science is born at the interface between these fields. We have designed over 550 ligands that specifically bind carbonic anhydrase (CA), a well-studied enzyme that has twelve isoforms in humans and has been implicated in various diseases such as cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, and obesity, to mention a few.” The laboratory hopes eventually to publish a database of the x-ray crystal structures that are correlated to the measurements of intrinsic binding thermodynamics to all twelve CA isoforms.

Lembit Nei


Education 1993–1994 Oxford University - the Royal Society postdoctoral fellowship; 1989–1991 Moscow State University, PhD (chemistry); 1975–1980 Tartu State University, chemistry diploma (MSc), thesis recognized with an award of excellence; 1964–1975 Tallinn Secondary School No 7 (English College)

Career 2005–… Tallinn University of Technology, Tartu College, Professor; 2005–… Tallinn University of Technology, Tartu College, Director; 2000–2003 Estonian Agricultural University, Vice-rector; 1997–2005 Estonian Agricultural University, Professor of Environmental Chemistry; 1994–2005 Estonian Agricultural University, Environmental Protection Institute, Director; 1993–1994 University of Oxford, Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Professor Compton Research Group, The Royal Society postdoctoral fellow; 1989–1993 Environmental company "ELVI-Aqua", Chief Chemist; 1980–1989 Tartu State University, research associate

Experience 2018−... Oxford University, Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Visiting Professor (1 month); 2018−... Michigan State University, Academic Visitor (2 months); 2013−... University of South Florida St Petersburg - Visiting Professor - 6 months; 2005−… Tacoma Community College - Visiting Professor (2 months); 1997−1998 The Association of Estonian Scientists, Chairman (one-year elected position)

Research Pharmaceuticals in the environment, their migration and degradation. Electroanalysis for environmental monitoring. Novel methodologies for environmental monitoring.